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AQUA PEARLS Foun­da­tion

Join us in our mission to bring clean water, hope and change to those who need it most.

The AQUA PEARLS Foun­da­tion was founded in 2016 and is a non-profit private foun­da­tion, initi­ated by BWT and its CEO Andreas Weis­senbacher. Supported by many committed part­ners from all around the world, the foun­da­tion aims to improve the living condi­tions of disad­van­taged people as well as to stand up for a healthy planet.

In coop­er­a­tion with care­fully selected organ­i­sa­tions and a strong shared commit­ment, the foun­da­tion works towards the following goals:

  • Access to clean drinking water
  • Reduc­tion of poverty
  • Promo­tion of educa­tion for sustain­ability, and
  • Protec­tion of the envi­ron­ment


Aasraa Trust
Jhamtse Gatsal Childrens Community


Zeitz Foundation

South Africa

The Beach Co-Op

The Gambia



Medical Board


Society for Community Organisation (SoCo)


Green School


Headquarter AQUA PEARLS Foundation
Employee support fund and other local charitable activities

Dark blue = Countries where we made a change


Supported Projects

Driving meaningful change and making positive impacts on the quality of life of disadvantaged people, offering children a perspective, promoting education in terms of sustainability and, above all, giving people access to clean drinking water. Learn more about the pink commitment and the projects that the AQUA PEARLS Foundation runs together with various local organisations to make the world a better place, sip by sip.


Latest news, impor­tant events and proud reports

All news summarized at a glance

Drinking well project in Kenya

Kick-off of another drinking water well project

2024, April 08th: This week a big milestone was set when kicking off the construction of a total of 22 drinking water wells in Kaareni, a village in Kenya.
Governor using BWT tap

27 new drinking water wells

2024, April: We proudly announce, that we finished the installation of 27 new drinking water wells in Nkondi and Giekuri, two villages in Kenya.
Green School Bali

Partner of Green School Bali

2024, January: We have maintained a close relationship with the “Green School of Bali” for several years.
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Every action and every contri­bu­tion helps to change the world to the better. Become a change­maker by supporting the AQUA PEARLS Foun­da­tion with your dona­tion. Join us in our mission to change the world through a shared commit­ment. Your support means being an active partner and part of the pink commit­ment, making a posi­tive contri­bu­tion and bringing about mean­ingful change into the world.

  • 100% of every dona­tion is thought­fully chan­nelled to our care­fully selected organ­i­sa­tions and projects
  • Minimal admin­is­tra­tive expenses
  • Dona­tions to the AQUA PEARLS Foun­da­tion are tax-​deductible in Austria

Thank you for changing the world together with us.

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Estab­lished in December 2016 by BWT in accor­dance with the provi­sions of the Austrian Private Foun­da­tion Act.
Annu­ally: Audit and confir­ma­tion via Audit Report.



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